Tuesday 17/03/2020 

As we try to settle into new routines, I am feeling incredibly positive and ready to fully embrace the next two (surely more?) weeks of confinement with all my unfinished projects, unwatched films and unread books. At a time of my life when time is passing painfully fast, I know I will cherish having time to do the things that will undoubtedly make it onto my list of New Year’s resolution for the rest of forever.

I am becoming obsessed with the spirit of the quarantine and the idea of solidarity with a city I now feel more at home with than anywhere else I’ve ever lived (never thought Paris would be knocked of its perch in this department but Madrid has done a great job in doing this). Spain’s socialist leanings persuade me that everyone shares the belief that we are all in this together. I feel lucky that the nature of my job means, not only can I work from home, but more importantly that every day I connect with my students who find themselves in exactly the same situations as me (or admittedly perhaps a little worse if they have young kids). It is interesting to compare stories with them and see how different people are coping with this once unimaginable situation. We are all aware that we are living through a historical moment and suppose we find solace in sharing this. 

I did my first workout today which for a 6-foot 3 man requires a fair bit of space. Luckily I share a 7mx4m outdoor terrace with my new flatmate, a luxury which very few people in the centre of a city like Madrid are lucky enough to have. Midway through I become paranoid that a neighbour could easily be filming me from the confines of their own flat, desperately jealous of the outdoor space that I am putting to good use and bored enough to want to make a video of their prancing, bending and flexing neighbour that would undoubtedly circulate the internet in minutes. It seems that the Corona isn’t the only danger of the viral kind…

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