Thursday 19/03/2020 

I am feeling positive today despite not even leaving the house. Am I learning to tame the ants in my pants? The weather was lovely so took a small siesta on the terrace in the sun after a nice lunch. Cooking and eating have become a main event, a structure to build the day around and definitely something to look forward to. We are cooking and baking things which we would never usually set aside time to make. I have to admit that under normal circumstances I find feeding myself a chore however I am rediscovering the joys of cooking. This is something I will definitely take from the quarantine back into reality. 

For someone who relishes planning holidays and thinking about how to maximise any free weekends he has for the coming 6 months, it is amazing how I can barely even think about tomorrow let alone the coming weekend. I suppose everyone is in the same boat as we have no idea how long this situation will last. Rumours are flying around that we will definitely be locked up until after Easter Week, when I am supposed to be finishing walking the Camino de Santiago with my mum. There are obviously much more important things than going on holiday so I’m not complaining about cancelling this trip however it does beg the question – how long will people confined to tiny apartments be able to put up with this situation? China is just emerging from approximately 2 months of very strict quarantine which, according to my Chinese friend Eason, apparently absolutely nobody whatsoever has broken, even to take pets for a walk.

Pets are the new luxury item here which allows you to go for a stroll – I’ve seen internet memes of people attaching their hamsters to bits of string and dragging them round the block as a way of stretching their legs. In seriousness, I can’t see how they will be able to enforce the current restrictions for what could easily be 2 months without even allowing people to exercise. Luckily the weather has been terrible in the last week which hasn’t made us want to be outside but when it inevitably gets warm in a matter of weeks it will become intolerable to be stuck in a tiny flat. When will the government recognise the possible mental health implications of such strict confinement?  

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