Sunday 22/03/2020 – Mother’s Day!!

This day is usually celebrated by families as a way of showing love, respect and gratitude to hard-working mothers, however this one will surely be like no other that has gone before. Most people probably won’t be able to reach their families or will decide they shouldn’t see them to avoid the risk of exposing them to the virus. Despite not being able to be with loved ones in person, adoration and appreciation for them at this time is amplified as we constantly offer each other support through video calls. I have never been in touch on such a regular basis with my friends and family in different countries and suppose because of the underlying gravity of the situation, I find it much easier to express my love for those who I am missing on days like today.

Spain has extended the state of emergency for 3 more weeks which will take us up to Easter Sunday – a fitting day to be spurted back out into the world as I’m sure being free again will feel like a type of resurrection. I have mixed feelings about this extension. Despite having had a great weekend of doing nothing but watching films, drinking red wine and cooking nice food, psychologically it is hard to process the idea of 3 more full weeks of such inactivity. The lengthening of this lockdown suggests that governments will not be returning all our previously held freedoms when we are eventually released from our confinements. How will society and behaviours change when this day comes? We have already proven that whole education systems and industries can seamlessly move online so perhaps remote working and studying will now become a norm for the next year or so. How will socialising change? Will bars and clubs remain closed until a vaccine is created or the risk of catching the virus is completely removed? When will we see our cities return to how they were in their prime?


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