DAY 10

Monday 23/03/2020 

Boris Johnson finally saw sense last night and ordered the country into 12 weeks of lockdown – by the European sense of the word, not the British one (which until Friday still meant going to the pub pretending nothing at all were amiss). I have decided that the new way to tackle the depressing idea that we might not leave our confines for the best part of 3 months, is to only think and plan week by week. It is horrible trying to process the prospect of 3 months in this claustrophobic environment. Although the Spanish government has only extended the state of emergency for another 3 weeks, it would be a surprise if practically neighbouring European countries were predicting such different timescales. Is UK being realistic and Spain trying to cover up the bleak reality? I am worried that if we are released in a matter of weeks once the health system has this initial wave of cases under control, we will all go understandably crazy and provide the virus with the perfect conditions to spread ferociously again. Would a short period of freedom followed by another few weeks of quarantine be too hard to take?

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