DAY 11

Tuesday 24/03/2020 

I feel pretty positive today despite not sleeping well after speaking to a couple of Spanish friends with particularly negative outlooks last night. I’m really getting into the swing of things with video classes and starting to manage my time well. It is amazing how quickly your body can adjust to a new life, routine and complete lack of any physical activity. Makes me think that I might be cut out for prison after all. Not a bad time to have such a realisation as the possibility of total anarchy looms in the near future. Have always fancied a spot of looting.

With the speed at which things are moving in both Spain and UK it is almost impossible to keep on top of the news. The rate of mortality here in Spain, and particularly Madrid, is staggering (500+ died in the last 24 hours alone) and we are still on the upwards trajectory. With an abundance of information available to us at the click of a button, it is necessary to carefully curate what you read if you want to avoid feeling seriously negative about the situation. I try to stay away from click bait and unfounded doomsday articles however it is particularly difficult to make out the real from the fake with rumours that fly around on Whatsapp. We, and I definitely include myself in this, are guilty of passing on information via social media that we rarely fact-check. I’ve heard countless times in the last fortnight the sentence “from a reliable source” or “I have it on good authority that…”. Spreading sensationalised and exaggerated information is dangerous as it is likely to create mass panic in moments like this. Instead we should choose to spread positivity because this is equally as infectious.


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