DAY 12

Wednesday 25/03/2020 

Waking up to the sobering fact that 1/of the world’s population are under lockdown is surely enough to make anyone sit up and listen. The speed at which this virus has reached every corner of the world is staggering and highlights the extent of our globalisation. About 1 month ago this seemed like a far-flung problem that the media were giving unnecessary amounts of attention and the evenings when we were sat in plazas disregarding any talk of Coronavirus seem even more distant.

The global nature of this crisis means that there is an urgent need for co-operation on a global scale. It seems that the only way in which we will tackle this imminent danger is by learning from and sharing resources between each other. It is incredibly reassuring that Chinese doctors, having already done an incredible job at halting the spread of the virus there, are now on their way over to Europe’s worst hit regions to share their knowledge. Similarly, thousands of doctors coming out of retirement in order to slightly reduce the workload of the doctors fighting daily on the front line, is an amazing gesture of solidarity. Examples like these will need to be remade as the disease inevitably spreads to all the parts of the world which it hasn’t yet reached. I hope that the same level of international support will be offered to less developed countries in their time of need. Choosing solidarity in the face of this imminent threat is the right course of action and will be how we, as a species, remain victorious for the years to come when faced with further such dangers.

I want to believe that humans are innately generous but hearing stories about empty beds and unused ventilation equipment in private hospitals when public hospitals are on the brink of collapse is sickening. Similarly, photos of the totally empty British supermarkets have reached Spain and have left people in disbelief at the levels of selfishness that manifest themselves in times of trouble and desperation.


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