DAY 14

Friday 27/03/2020 

The end of another week has come around again at lightning speed. As there is very little variety to our days, time seems to be passing unbelievably quickly. This is probably a blessing seeing as we are still well under halfway through our confinement. Of course I’ll be over the moon when the government announce the easing of restrictions; when we can walk freely, hug our friends and bars begin to open again, however if I’m honest, a part of me will probably miss this period of quarantine. 

I am enjoying this surreal, seemingly parallel reality for a couple of reasons, the first of them being how unprecedented it is. We are in unchartered territory as a species and it’s interesting to see how governments are adopting different strategies, and will alter them in the coming weeks, to tackle this threat. The eyes of the world are on China for some clue as to how this will play out and there is something simultaneously terrifying and exciting about this. I hope that humanity will learn from this close call and prepare itself better in the future, in order to prevent another such event recurring. Future generations will possibly study this testing period in textbooks as a historic moment that brought about many of the lifestyle changes that to them are perceived as normal. They will ask where we spent the awful quarantine and I’ll reply about the hardships of sitting on my terrace in the glorious Madrid sun, eating and drinking to my heart’s content (I must acknowledge how unbelievably lucky I am and show total respect for parents with young kids who must be living a very different quarantine to me).

The second reason is more personal. Although I would definitely regard myself as an extrovert who loves socialising and exploring, I am rediscovering how comfortable I am in my own company, pursuing all my little projects and hobbies. It is likely none of us will live through a period again when the government are paying people’s salaries and asking them to stay at home. If you look at this objectively, its literally what some people dream of. Flo and I keep talking about dishes to cook, films to watch and card games to learn. At this rate the quarantine will have to be extended for a few more weeks to fit all of this in.

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  1. Freddie says:

    Loving these my man! Glad you’re finding the sunny side! X


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