DAY 17

Monday 30/03/2020

As if to remind us what a turbulent time we are living through, Monday morning brings with it some wet, wintery weather, and even some snow on the outskirts of Madrid. This is incredible seeing as less than 24 hours ago we were putting on sun-cream, having a barbeque and gazing over the orange rooftops at the clear blue sky. We are into our third working week and I’d say the novelty of working from home is beginning to wear a little thin. I haven’t even left the flat once for the last six days as we are finishing what remains of a big food shop. Mentally I’m managing to stay quite calm but physically I’m feeling more and more restless and desperate to stretch my legs. As my usual remedy of running is strictly forbidden, it requires a lot of effort to focus on the positives during these moments of frustration.

It is quite amazing how much time blurs into what seems like one long afternoon when there is barely anything to distinguish between the days, apart from perhaps what we had for dinner. People always goofily repeat ‘time flies when you’re having fun’, but I’ve got a feeling that this throwaway phrase will be changed once the next few weeks of quarantine have inevitably flown past. Reflecting on how I felt a couple of weeks ago, I thought that having more free time to pursue my personal projects would make time slow down but it is completely the opposite. While I am enjoying the little moments of re-connecting with myself and organising my thoughts, this quarantine is becoming an eye-opening experience which gives me different, and sometimes contrasting, realisations each day. Today I’m reaffirming the need to fill free time with an even greater variety of activities in an attempt to put the brakes on my life.

Doing some more reflecting on what I’ve just written, I should probably get the better of my Monday blues and go to sleep. I definitely need to make a trip down to street level soon. After one week of barricading myself in the flat, I might even treat myself with the long route to the supermarket… I think I deserve it.


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    Another corker

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