DAY 21

Friday 03/04/2020

Today marks the beginning of the Easter holidays and, what would be under normal circumstances, the start of one of the biggest weeks in Spain’s calendar. Semana Santa sees not only a huge influx of foreign tourists but also lots of Spanish families moving around the country to see relatives, so for obvious reasons the festivities this year are unfortunately cancelled. Families everywhere will be working out how to adapt their usual Easter plans to the new situation and from the people I have spoken to this week, most of them are preparing to cook normal Easter meals as if nothing were amiss. It is true that not even a deadly virus would get between most Spanish people and their favourite, traditional food.

For the next couple of weeks, teachers like me will hang up their headphones, put away their new, virtual selves and enjoy living in the blissful reality, albeit from within their confines, rather than through a videocall platform. As many a furloughed worker in UK, I am now faced with a structureless couple of weeks with no work commitments. Despite the scary prospect of a change to my carefully planned routine, I am preparing myself for the most rewarding week of self-development in my life. I am quite looking forward to building my days purely around a variety of fun, but of course sedentary, activities. As a true aficionado of lists – for me, crossing off lists is one of life’s small pleasures – I have jotted down, refined, organised, rewritten and pegged to the fridge (as I love procrastinating by making infinite cups of tea, this is definitely an appropriate place) a ‘To-Do’ list that will surely eclipse anything of its kind I will write again in the future. I say this because unlike other lists I usually write, this one I actually fully intend to complete and not deliberately put off doing the more arduous tasks. I am partially writing this in the hope that my friends and family, to whom I speak regularly, will ask casually how the self-development boot-camp is coming along and I will therefore feel the pressure of keeping up my intentions for as long as possible!

A friend recently described the internet as an information highway that you can hop on and off whenever you want. I thought this was a great way of putting a positive spin on the quarantine and getting in the right mindset. People are writing so many interesting articles, universities offering their online courses for free and museums opening up their collections to the world. If you know where to look and how best to use this infinite resource, you can be online all day chomping through information, fattening up on knowledge and washing it all down with a good dose of smugness. 

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