DAY 22

Saturday 04/04/2020

The government officially extended the quarantine to 26th April today. This isn’t a surprise at all so I don’t think anyone will feel disheartened by the prospect of three more full weeks of lockdown. In fact, nobody even thinks we’ll be out of here by the middle of May but psychologically it’s much easier to handle numerous two-week extensions than being told from the outset that we will barely see daylight for two months. Although I am grateful for the way the government have choosen to proceed so far, it is hilariously comparable to how a parent would treat young children, deflecting their cries of, “Are we nearly there yet?” with “Yes darling, 2 minutes away”, despite knowing fully well that they aren’t.

Zoom’s capabilities were put to the test today as a very good friend of mine hosted a quiz for her quarantine birthday. We successfully managed to get eighteen of us online, do a great quiz without any hiccups and more importantly, lift our moods by having a giggle. We had all sent videos to her flatmate last week wishing her a jolly one by singing her happy birthday or dancing which had been arranged into a video that we then all watched together during the call. Without trying to sound like someone discovering technology for the first time, I am still amazed how we can see and hear each other’s reactions as we watch the video simultaneously together.

The extension of the state of emergency means that now my quarantine partner is also due to spend her birthday under the clutches of confinement. Being locked up in your flat is not how most people imagine spending their special day but it will certainly be a birthday she won’t forget. To look on the bright side, these virtual events allow you to get absolutely everyone from your life (or at least the ones you like) together at one time, which is basically exactly what you want on your birthday but never actually happens because people are so busy. Even better than this, when you’ve had enough of their company you can fake poor connection and literally be gone in a flash. 

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