DAY 31

Monday 13/04/2020

It is almost poetic that as Semana Santa – a week symbolising rebirth and new life – draws to a close, we awake to the promising news that the gradual relaxing of restrictions has begun. Perhaps the synchronised prayers from all the normally non-practicing, quasi-believers yesterday had a positive effect and some divine intervention has helped to turn the tables this morning. In reality, the slight easing of restrictions won’t affect the vast majority of the population as only construction and factory workers are to resume their daily responsibilities however this is definitely a promising sign. As the numbers continue to fall, it feels like we are rounding the corner. If we are on the same timescale as China, we should be about halfway through this surreal period.

Of course, there are lots of steps to be taken before the rest of us are allowed to return to anything vaguely resembling normality. The next one of them is supposedly allowing parents to take young children for short walks, like people with pets have been allowed to do for the last few weeks. I wonder if, like those who have been renting out their pets to neighbours desperate for an excuse to be outside, parents could begin to see their kids as a unique business opportunity as they become luxury items that permit you to walk freely. After weeks of not envying parents stuck inside with young kids inevitably bouncing off the walls, I now wish I had one of the little rascals myself.  


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