DAY 33

Wednesday 15/04/2020

As we enter the second month of a total ban on leaving the house for anything other than essential trips, the discomfort from a lack of physical inactivity is really starting to show signs. Although I am doing some form of static exercise most days, the feeling of restlessness comes in intense waves like an insatiable itch. Since I discovered jogging on the spot a week ago, I have been incorporating this bizarre activity into my already comical home workout routine. In addition to raising my heartrate by a couple of beats and causing my sweat glands to lazily and begrudgingly kick into action, I have also succeeded in greatly frustrating myself at the lack of satisfaction that it brings. I am longing to return home with the feeling of tired legs, flopping exhaustedly onto the sofa. How long can they expect us to be like this? Allowing the population out to exercise on certain days depending on ID card numbers or something similar would surely be a perfect measure to introduce while maintaining social distancing practices. Until this day comes however jogging on the spot will have to suffice. 


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  1. Amanda van der Berg says:

    Joe wicks at 9am UK time – PE with Joe. Live on youtube. In addition to jogging on the spot of course.


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