DAY 35

Friday 17/04/2020

Another Friday rolls around in the blink of an eye and I give a little woop of joy as I leave the virtual office for the weekend. I somehow still have a Friday feeling as strong as any other time of the year, despite not having stepped out of the front door of my flat all week. We are marking the end of five full weeks in quarantine with a big old gin & tonic. As I sit on the terrace, waiting for the 8pm clap and sipping on the deliciously citrusy drink that is so associated with this beautiful time of the week, I am smiling at the pace at which weekends happen now compared to a couple of months ago. I am no longer trying to cram as many things into a weekend as possible but thoroughly enjoying sauntering from one sedentary activity to the next. The pace of the last few Saturdays and Sundays could be compared to a directionless afternoon wander. A stroll through the streets with no plans. A wander home from work in no rush. A dawdle with no destination. This weekend will be no different and neither will the few following this. I’ll continue mooching through them and simply revelling in having nowhere better to be.

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