DAY 37

Sunday 19/04/2020

Although the people I am in contact with seem to be in good spirits about their own personal situations, a growing number of the population in Spain are beginning to point fingers at the government as their frustration builds up. Naturally as the quarantine is prolonged, they are blaming them for not acting quicker at the start and for how totally unprepared the public health system has been exposed to be. Initially I was naively of the opinion that no government could have been prepared for such an unprecedented crisis, but with experts closely monitoring the spread of the virus in China since it began more than four months ago, a government has no excuse not to have better prepared itself.

I recently asked a student of mine if she joined in the clap every evening to which she replied a blunt no. Although she was in favour of acknowledging the brave efforts of front-line workers, she recounted some very bleak stories about bin liners being used as personal protective equipment in the hospital where her sister works as a front-line doctor. Defending her decision not to join the daily clap of solidarity, she insisted that a real display of support for the health system would be voting for the political party that are prepared to give it the investment that it so desperately needs. She argues that pumping funds into the system would be an appropriate, long-term thank you for the unbelievable hard work of the medical staff who are risking their lives on a daily basis. 

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming months and whether governments will be able to dodge demands for meaningful change. At this time of great turbulence and uncertainty, there is one absolute constant in my mind. With all of the blame throwing that will continue taking place in both mainstream and social media, being a politician throughout this period is definitely not be an enviable position. 

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