DAY 38

Monday 20/04/2020

Is the sky much bluer than it was a couple of months ago without the thick pollution dulling its colour? Are the birds singing louder than before now they aren’t competing with the everyday hubbub of the city? Are the trees which line our streets looking healthier than every other time we’ve walked past them? Does the air actually taste cleaner and fresher now when windows are thrown open in the morning? Has the scent of those flowers growing in a cacophony of colours on a neighbour’s balcony just got much sweeter? 

Is what we are perceiving really the result of our much-loved, emission pumping vehicles being forced off the streets and out of the skies? Or are we being tricked by our senses which are longing for us to be in the Great Outdoors, hungry for the innocent joys of nature and desperate to escape from the concrete jungle where we now find ourselves trapped?

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