DAY 41

Thursday 23/04/2020

Due to my flatmate’s upcoming birthday, a steady stream of Amazon packages has been arriving all week sent from her various family members. This has meant sprinting down five flights of stairs every morning to meet the delivery drivers and post carriers who understandably refuse to walk up all of the flats without lifts seeing as they are busier now than they are in the run up to Christmas. These winged messengers are some of the unsung heroes of the lockdown, delivering everything and anything that we need to make our quarantines more comfortable. They are another group of front-line workers that we couldn’t do without, facilitating all of the new hobbies taken up by populations over the last few weeks. They are the guardian angels of our self-improvement, permitting us to fulfil our good intentions and lockdown resolutions with books and games galore. A big round of applause for them because without the fruits of their labour we would definitely be twiddling (more) fingers.

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