DAY 42

Friday 24/04/2020

Possibly the biggest day of quarantine so far and definitely not one to forget. With a couple of classes conveniently cancelled this morning, I was free to indulge in a lengthy champagne and pancake breakfast on the sunny terrace to celebrate my flatmate Flo’s birthday. This sumptuous affair was followed by the unveiling of a tear-jerking, 15-minute video of all of her loved ones wishing her a happy birthday, kindly put together by another friend of ours. While a few weeks ago nobody wanted to celebrate their birthday under the lockdown, it seems that now everybody wishes they could, specifically to receive a similar video from their dearest ones that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Someone did point out that we can still make videos after the quarantine is over, but I think we’ll be far too preoccupied trying to figure out how to readjust to non-virtual socialising.

Naturally, celebrations continued into the afternoon as more bubbly was popped. Songs were then sung, candles blown out and cakes cut with Flo’s family via video call. Naughtily breaking the quarantine rules in the evening, we had a Mexican themed dinner with the young Spanish couple who live next door. It felt incredibly strange to be at a dinner party, socialising like the good old times. For a few hours while we drank margaritas, ate tacos and compared stories of our lives, we were permitted the luxury of escaping from the reality of lockdown. I think we were all very grateful for this evening and the fresh company. We also made a great discovery. That they have a stash of board games that we now have the correct number of people for. More champagne please.

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