DAY 44

Sunday 26/04/2020

Pure and utter elation today as the government announce that starting from next weekend, we will be allowed out, not only to walk freely in the streets with our lockdown buddies but also to exercise how and when we please. Coincidently – or perhaps not – the day of these freedoms will fall on number fifty of the quarantine. I deeply hope that Pedro Sanchez’s government don’t have an OCD about doing things on round numbers because I can’t wait another fifty to see my friends and lounge around in the park.

Videos have emerged today showing the streets and waterfronts in cities like Barcelona full of parents with their young kids. Today was the first time that they have been allowed out since the quarantine began, so with absolutely no regard whatsoever to social distancing norms, every family has taken advantage of this new freedom to take a walk. For the rest of us who remain locked in tiny flats, this put a downer on the prospect of being allowed out ourselves. Those worried about next weekend’s freedoms being postponed as a result of this carelessness have taken to the internet to plead with parents about observing distancing rules. One humorous image circulating on WhatsApp shows a man threatening to come out onto his balcony with a megaphone, telling all the children the truth about the tooth fairy, Father Christmas and how babies are made if parents don’t adhere. If we aren’t allowed out on Saturday, papa noel your time is up mate.

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  1. patrick blower says:

    Days 43 & 44 really good; you’re getting into your rhythm

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