DAY 45

Monday 27/04/2020

Donald Trump absolutely outdid himself at the end of last week with a comment that, along with a catalogue of other equally as gobsmacking slip ups, he is never going to live down. The oversized Oompa Loompa’s mindboggling lack of tact is a constant source of humour and at the same time total despair. This particular moment of pure idiocy was a hilariously brainless comment about injecting people with disinfectant “almost as a cleaning for the insides”. It would have been priceless to be a fly on the wall behind the scenes in the post press conference debriefing. I can picture Donald putting his hands up saying, “how was I meant to know you can’t inject people with disinfectant? Hand sanitiser, its great stuff, it’s amazing stuff actually. Everyone’s talking about it”, as his advisors hold their heads in their hands in desperation and sheer embarrassment. 

Since the video went instantaneously viral a few days ago, Trump has been deflecting journalist’s questions saying that the nonsensical comment was in fact a sarcastic remark designed to test the hostile ‘fake news’ media. A trending video on the BBC app this morning showed a sneering Trump supporter telling us that we are actually the “morons” for being fooled into believing that the most powerful man in the free world was being sincere. Such unwavering support for the President through undefendable moments like this is symbolic of how polarised the USA has become. With divisions deepening as this crisis continues to unfold, it is no surprise that Trump’s arch supporters are vocalising their undying support now more than ever for a man seriously out of his depth.

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