DAY 48

Thursday 30/04/2020

With Netflix subscriptions, next day Amazon deliveries and Zoom group calls we have all cushioned our existences as much as possible for the last few weeks. However, fast approaching here in Spain is what everyone is referring to now as the ‘new normal’. While this will be welcomed, I don’t think it will be easy to adjust to. It will require recalibrating our brains and adopting new customs to minimise the social tension that will be found, especially between those rightfully paranoid about the virus and those with a more carefree attitude.

My nearest and dearest know all too well that I am a sensitive individual, growing deeply fond of chapters of my life and finding it hard to move on from them. These people will therefore be unsurprised to hear that as we creep closer and closer to this ‘new normal’, I am already anticipating feelings of achy nostalgia for this period of quarantine. After almost fifty days I have really settled into a good routine, deriving great enjoyment out of so many small aspects of my lockdown life which I will be sad to cut out when life inevitably gets in the way once again. Don’t get me wrong, I am without a shadow of a doubt longing for this post-quarantine liberation, however if you had asked me forty-eight days ago if I would miss lockdown when we are finally released, I’d have answered with a resounding no. It’s funny what time can do to you. 

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