DAY 49

Friday 01/05/2020

Under normal circumstances, many people should have been escaping Madrid last night for the bank holiday weekend while news outlets broadcasted images of traffic jams on motorways in what they call la gran salida. However, instead of escaping the city to lounge on beaches, families are tussling for the prime spots on the balconies of their city apartments to get their much-needed vitamin-D fix while awaiting the big day of freedom tomorrow.

If we hadn’t been confined to our homes, my friends and I would have been waking up this morning in an Airbnb on the north coast. As with every other long weekend – of which there are many in Spain – we had planned a lovely getaway to Asturias involving plenty of hearty walks, morning swims and of course wine-fuelled dinners. To rub a little salt in the wounds, I sent a few of my friends a picture of the idyllic setting where we were meant to be this morning. Fortunately, Whatsapp haven’t yet developed a setting that allows users to punch other users through the phone otherwise I think I’d have received a black eye from my disgruntled buddies. 

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