It no longer feels right to be writing a blog titled Life Under Lockdown as the period of strict confinement in Madrid is already beginning to feel like a distant memory. After documenting my life for over 100 days, it is time to tie the knot on this project in pursuit of new ones.

As Spain strides well into a post-pandemic world, the routines and discipline, instated with such rigour during the lockdown, have gone out of the window and with them some of my good intentions like cooking new dishes and reading more. Although returning to rushed bowls of pesto pasta and scrambled eggs for dinner is a crying shame after months of Michelin star-esque home-dining, it was inevitable that life would someday once again get in the way of pursuing the numerous hobbies that I had spent quarantine devoting myself to.

Although these superficial changes are the ones most instantly noticeable, there has been a more profound shift in me that is becoming more apparent as time passes. Having spent the quarantine catching up with long overdue personal projects and filling my free time with what really makes me content, I now feel more in control of my life and as a result my happiness too. The simplicity of lockdown without the many distractions and obligations of the real world unclouded my mind. Clarity came to visit and new insights were born which have moulded me and undoubtedly my future too.

I am deeply appreciative for the self-reflection that has characterised this period of confinement and am certain that in years to come when I reflect, reminisce and swap stories about my quarantine, I will feel thankful for what has been a truly formative period of my life.


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  1. patrick blower says:

    👏👏great final entry. Looking forward to more writing in other genres

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  2. Jean Duncan says:

    Dear Jimmy, I have enjoyed reading your blogs while we were in lock down Thank you. Sorry you have written the last one ☹️, but pleased to hear Madrid has opened up and is almost back to normal. We, here in South Africa, due to the devastating economic consequences of lock down, are opening up as well but I fear it is too soon and at the worst time as the country is reaching its peak infection time. Heading into the eye of the storm! Looking forward to more of your writings. Keep well and safe. Kind regards, Jean. (Duncan nee Blower, William’s granddaughter, Victor’s daughter and Mandy’s aunt. We spent a lovely morning with you, your family and friends, at your Dad and Mom’s home last Boxing Day.)


  3. Graham Powell says:

    Well done James, a super project. looking forward to hear more, Best wishes,
    Graham (old friend of Patrick)


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