DAY 19

Wednesday 01/04/2020

Although a deadly virus, widespread fear and a quarantine hasn’t exactly created a playful environment in the last few weeks, some people will have had a surprising moment to kick off the new month as it is April Fool’s Day. For the benefit of my Spanish friends, this an annual British custom that always takes place on 1st April during which bromistas and the mass media usually play jokes at the expense of the more gullible ones among us. The newspapers could have made many jokes today, which would have undoubtedly gone down in the history of best April Fools, but instead they have chosen wisely to exercise some discretion. 

Upon discovering some previously forgotten about goodies at the bottom of the fridge, we decide to postpone the exciting trip to the supermarket until tomorrow. Despite the delaying of our much-anticipated, weekly adventure to street level, today has been a good day. There is something about the start of a new month that blows away the cobwebs and, as you are reminded once again about the passing of time, your mind is filled with a gust of good intentions. After a couple of days of a total lapse in imagination and general positivity, today the sun is back out and I have a new lease of life. Thanks to daylight saving, we now do the 8pm clap in the evening sun and everyone on the balconies waves at each other up and down the street which is very encouraging. Although we all know we’ll be confined to our flats for the whole of April, community spirit is high.

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