DAY 13

Thursday 26/03/2020 

I’m writing today’s entry at my new favourite time of the day: the lull between finishing my various work obligations and starting to prepare dinner. This moment of the day is becoming something of a golden hour; when all duties are seen to, responsibilities fulfilled and tasks taken care of. I’m drinking a beer, sitting on the terrace in the fading light and writing. I am realising the increasing importance of having this respite during which I can reflect and disconnect. 

Another comforting thing about this golden hour is the darkness setting in. Unlike during the day, it doesn’t feel quite as unnatural to be cooped up indoors at night. From the comfort of Flo’s swanky flat, the evenings actually feel like any other that I’ve spent here over the years. We cook, listen to music and, quite possibly aided by a couple of glasses of wine, underlying stress is alleviated. Apart from the moments when conversation naturally returns to the ever-consuming topic of Corona, it is amazing how when distracted by cooking or a game of cards, you easily forget that we are in the midst of this surreal situation.

Had a hilarious conversation with a student today about his neighbour who is genuinely renting out his dog to the other residents in the building so they can have an excuse to be in the street. I picture the poor dog running to hide under the bed when it hears the doorbell ring, undoubtedly exhausted as it has never been taken on so many walks in its life. Another student mentions they heard about a man stopped by police taking his chicken for a walk too. If I had been that policeman, I’d have risked breaking social distancing practices to give that man a pat on the back for pure audacity.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. John Stobbs says:

    Wonderful, James! Thanks for your entertaining posts which brighten the day.
    PS I think our dog, a working Cocker Spaniel, would rise to the challenge of an infinite number of walks per day.


  2. patrick blower says:

    Got the notification. Great read😊

    Sent from my iPhone



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